4-Button Q&A of Doom Escape Room Game (w/ Audio)


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4-Button Q&A of Doom Escape Room Game (w/ Audio)

How to play:
1. There are four colored buttons, a pilot light, and a moving sensor which has been connected with the controller. 
2. When adventurers enter the chamber room and press any one of the four buttons, the questions-machine will be activated and begin to ask a question. 
3. Players should make a choice by pressing a button: red button for A, yellow button for B, blue button for C, and green button for D. 
4. If players answer the question correctly the prop will trigger an affirmative sound effect and then proceed to the next question.
5. If your answer is false, you need to accept the punishment.
6. After all the answers are correct, the lock will open.

This props comes with music, which can be modified to fit your story.

This product consists of:
1 power adapter
1 controller
1 moving sensor
1 pilot light
4 buttons

Weight 2.0003423517 lbs


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