4-Button Video Clue Player Escape Room Prop


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4-Button Video Clue Player Escape Room Prop

Brief introduction:
Players should press the four metal buttons to trigger the prop, which will play four videos. Each metal button responds with a video clue. When players press all four buttons, they will get the four-video clues to help them figure out the password puzzle and open a door, lock, wardrobe, etc.

Prop consists of:
1 controller
4 metal buttons 
1 12v power supply 

Monitor, videos, speakers, and SD card not included. Please prepare these yourself. 

Product features:
Support video format: AV1
Video output interface: VGA
Working voltage: 12v
SD card slot and with USB port

How to reset:
After all the videos play, it will stop. Press the buttons to play the videos again.

How to connect the cable: 
1. The controller connects to the 12v power supply.
2. VGA interface connects to the computer display.
3. Audio wire connects to the speaker.

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