Bunker 57 - Complete Escape Room Kit

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LOS ANGELES, California; the year is 2039. It was supposed to be a vaccine. It was supposed to protect us from the return of Cholera. Who could have predicted the side effects were death, and then reanimation of your corpse? With most of the world infected, there aren't many places left to hide from the zombies. You spend your days trying to find food and supplies - and trying to NOT get bitten.

That was... until yesterday. It wasn't even a real bite! It felt like a scratch. But you know there are very few second chances any more. You can feel the blackness creeping into your extremities. It’s only a matter of time until you turn. You need to break into the abandoned government Bunker 57, pray to God that the antivirus they were working on is viable, and inject it into yourself before time runs out. You have 60 minutes before you have to make a very difficult decision...

Complete Escape Room Kit:

Everything you need to build your own professional escape room - except the themed walls!

Included are the custom built props, set pieces, gameplay, storyline, reset instructions, clue sheet, 12-volt lighting, custom audio, custom scent. You provide the scenic decor and we provide the rest. For example, if the room needs to look like an airplane, you will make it look like an airplane.

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