Catch the Light Escape Room Prop


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Catch the Light Escape Room Game (w/ Audio)

Great game of memory and teamwork!

There is one magnetic sensor and five color buttons. Adventurers must find and place a magnetic object to the sensor to activate the prop. Then the five light buttons will light up 12 times in a random sequence. Players must remember the sequence and press the buttons in the same order to trigger the audio playback and open a lock, light, door, etc.

1. Easy to install and to fit for your game theme.
2. Button light-up times can be set from 0.8, 1.5, or 2 seconds.
3. The audio can allow 8M of data and can be modified.
4. Comes with internal speaker; also supports external speaker.
5. Can control electronic lock, light, or electronic motor.

Prop list:
1 controller
1 12v power adapter
1 magnetic sensor
5 colored buttons

Lock not included.


Weight 1.7009713875 lbs


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