CO2 Fog Gun


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Hook this awesome gun up to a regular cannister of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) from your local welding store or gas supply store.

Attach the long grey hose to a CO2 canister and you are locked and loaded!

Shoots out an incredibly fast burst of bright white smoke! Odorless and dissipates in about 6 seconds.

Add one of our Ghostlight Max Lights to your CO2 Gun to create an eerie effect for no extra charge!

Blue looks like ice, red looks like fire, gree looks like swamp gas, amber looks like poison gas and white intensifies the smoke effect!

Choose from blue, green, red, white, amber, or choose the “none” option for no Ghostlight.

*CO2 tank must either be equipped with a “siphon” or “dip tube” if cylinder is to be placed upright vertically. Otherwise, invert cylinder so liquid CO2 can be drawn out.

Weight 13.6077711 lbs
Choose Your Ghostlight Color

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