Darkness Falls Escape Room Prop (w/ Audio)


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Darkness Falls Escape Room Prop (w/ Audio)

Brief introduction:
There are 8 LED lights which will all be lit up once the game starts (triggered by motion sensor). One by one they will slowly begin to go out, but players must find the metal sensor and touch it to a metal object before all the lights go off and darkness falls. Once it is triggered successfully all the lights will come back on with audio playback and the lock will open.

Prop list:
1 12v power supply
1 controller
8 LED lights
1 motion sensor 
1 metal sensor
1 magnetic sensor 

Key features:
1. This props come with audio, which can be modified to fit the story.
2. For the game time, user can set it from 2 mins to 80 mins. Each light will go out at the same time intervals. For example, in an 80-minute game each light will go out at the 10-minute mark.
3. Prop comes with an internal speaker; external speaker can be added.
4. Can control a 12v light or 12v lock.
5. Can also control an electronic motor. Please contact us to customize.

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