Frightimer Trigger & Timer


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Frightimer Trigger & Timer

The Frightimer is a motion-sensing Professional prop trigger and timer.

It is very easy to use and extremely durable.

All metal housing is weatherproof, so you can use the Frightime indoors or outside.

It comes with two exterior mounting holes so you can easily secure the Frightimer wherever needed.

Simply plug the Frightimer into a standard 110 volt outlet.

Plug your prop into the other side of the extension cord.

Adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector.

Adjust the timer from roughly 7 seconds to 10 minutes.

Frightimer Trigger & Timer

It’s now ready to activate your prop at the precise time! After activatiing, it will run through it’s cycle, and immediately reset itself for the next guest.

If you want multiple props to activate together, use a power strip to conect all the props to the Frightimer.

These are the workhorses of haunted houses – the brains behind the props. Increase the scare-factor by using multiple Frightimers to keep surprising your guests.

Thanks, and Happy Haunting!

Weight 1.81436948 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 3 in


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