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Ghostlight ScareCam Haunted House Camera Systems allow you to catch your guests at that precise moment, and capture it with stunning photographic quality.

Base model includes Canon T3 Camera body, 18/55 Lens for low light conditions, External Automated Flash, Tripods, SD Card, Flash / Noise controller trigger, Airhorn prop for surprising guests,  prop trigger and PIR sensor to automate the entire sequence. This model is very good for most haunts, with 12 MP of resolution.

If you desire higher resolution photos, please upgrade your camera body to the 60D, 7D or Mark III. These models are good for haunts with more than 15,000 guests per season, or if you will be selling your photos to customers. These will give you professional, movie-quality images with up to 23 Megapixels! 

All systems are Plug and Play – requiring very little setup on your part.

Everything is pre-calibrated and tested with the appropriate delays set for optimal scare picture performance.

ScareCam settings can be changed using your smartphone. Free lifetime support.

If you choose CONTROLLER ONLY, you will need to provie your own camera and a light or sound scare to activate the controller.

*12 Megapixel Digital Images are great for Facebook and internet.
**Images can be sent wirelessly to a computer from the ScareCam system with the purchase of our wireless SD card.

Special thanks to Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls for these awesome images!


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