Gold Rush DIY Escape Room Kit


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Fort Collins, Colorado The year is 1874.
You are part of the infamous James-Younger Gang – notorious outlaws of the Wild West. With your leader, Jesse James, laid up with a gunshot wound, it’s up to the rest of you to carry out the robbery. Gold – enough for 3 lifetimes, and the priceless Baton Rouge Diamond – are locked in the vault, waiting to be picked up by the militia and transported by armed caravan to Fort Misery. The robbery has to happen tonight. Jesse’s most trusted companion, John Younger, is holed up near the bank waiting for the signal. Specific instructions detailing how to break and enter the bank vault have been left for you. Get into the vault and get the loot before the Sheriff arrives. But watch out! There’s a bounty on your head, and every cowboy with a gun is trying to cash in.


Do everything yourself and save big money. Includes all of the DIY props, storyline, lighting, build instructions, gameplay, speakers, audio player, custom audio and scent. Does not include any scenic. Does not include any built-out props. You will get the electronics and must build your own props. This kit is for the handy person.

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