Laser Security Matrix Escape Room Prop (w/ Audio) (3)


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Laser Security Matrix Escape Room Prop (w/ Audio) (2)

Slightly alternate model. Excellent game that combines timing, accuracy, and keeping a level head (and body)!

Brief introduction:
Participants must go through the matrix of lasers without touching any of them, then press the button to open the door before time runs out. A successful trigger will turn the lasers off. After that, the staff has to reset all the equipment with a remote control, so the next participants can play. If any of the participants touch any laser rays, the alarm will be triggered, then the door cannot open, that player fails, and they must begin again.

Notes: We set two buttons to both open doors and reset the matrix to avoid bugs. Those buttons should be installed in different areas so that the participants cannot cheat to help the others to get out of the room. If you want more reflectors, contact us to negotiate.

Color: Green
Input Voltage (V): 1
Lamp Power (W): 1
Lamp Luminous Flux (lm): 1
Lamp Luminous Efficiency (lm/w): 1
CRI (Ra>): 1
Color Temperature (CCT): Cool White
Working Temperature(): 1 – 100
Working Lifetime (Hour): 50,000
Base Type: R7S

Packing list (one standard set):
3 green lasers
3 laser receivers
3 laser reflection mirrors
1 alarm
1 magnetic lock
1 power supply
1 controller
2 reset buttons (red)
2 door-opening buttons (green)
1 reset remote controller
1 on/off remote controller

Please contact us if you would like more lasers, receivers, and/or reflectors.


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