Laser Security Matrix Escape Room Prop (w/ Audio) (6)


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Laser Security Matrix Escape Room Prop (w/ Audio) (6)

Alternate design. Similar to Laser Security Matrix Escape Room Prop (w/ Audio) (2)… but with MORE lasers!

Brief introduction:
Participants must go through the matrix of lasers without touching any of them, then press the button to open the door before time runs out. A successful trigger will turn the lasers off. After that, the staff has to reset all the equipment with a remote control, so the next participants can play. If any of the participants touch any laser rays, the alarm will be triggered, then the door cannot open, that player fails, and they must begin again.

1 controller (with power)
1 alarm
1 reset key
4 open-door keys
6 green light emitting lasers (with power supply bracket)
6 receivers (without electronic locks)

The controller brings power directly to the receiver, keys, alarms, electromagnetic locks, and power supply,
Each transmitter has its own independent power supply.



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