Magic Ring Escape Room Prop (w/ Magnetic Sensor Lock)


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Magic Ring Escape Room Prop (w/ Magnetic Sensor Lock)


The adventurers should find the magic ring and touches it to the sensor to open the lock. To make the game more interesting the sensor can be decorated or hidden.

This prop can control 12v light, 12v electromagnet lock, or to open a drawer, safe box, etc.

1. Easy to fit for your game theme
2. Easy to install
3. Support control switch.

Prop list:
1. Magic ring, controller, 12V power adapter, magnetic sensor. If you need to order 12V lights, magic rings, or 12V EL locks please contact us or purchase from our shop.
2. You should prepare the EL lock by yourself. If you want to order a 60kg, 120kg, 180kg, or 280kg electromagnet lock, light, or want to control more switches please contact us.
3. You should prepare the magnetic ring or magnetic object by yourself.

1. When the props connect to the power supply the EL lock will lock tightly.
2. After you put the magic rings or other magnetic object on the sensor the lock will open.
3. Remove the magic ring and the lock will lock on again.

If you have your own idea about this prop we can customize it for you.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Easy setup and connection.

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