Rocking Chair W/ Skeleton Mech


Transform your Halloween decor into a bone-chilling spectacle with our Haunted Rocking Chair Mechanism featuring an eerie skeleton companion! This spine-tingling prop is the perfect addition to your spooky setup.

Includes Everything You Need:

Rocking Chair: Each prop comes with a carefully sourced rocking chair. Please note that the actual chair may vary, ensuring a unique touch to every order.

Skeleton: A ghastly companion is included, ready to rock the chair with spine-chilling realism.

Rocking Chair Mechanism: Crafted with precision, the steel rocking mechanism and arms create an uncanny rocking motion that adds a touch of the supernatural to your space.

Shipping Information:

Please note that this made-to-order masterpiece may take up to 2 weeks to ship. Each prop is meticulously crafted, ensuring you receive a top-quality, spine-chilling addition to your Halloween festivities.


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