Balancing Act Escape Room Game (w/ Audio)


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Balancing Act Escape Room Game (w/ Audio)

Brief introduction:
Adventurers have to find the two buttons and press them to keep the ball on the digital display screen balanced in the middle to trigger the prop to open the lock, door, safe, or control a light.

To make the game more interesting and difficult, keep the two buttons separate for different people to find so that the game can be played by two players; set the display in a higher positions, or somewhere only a third person can see so that the third person must direct the two players in the balancing act.

Prop list:
1 12v power supply
2 buttons
1 controller
1 digital display 
1 electronic lock

The audio can be modified. 
The movement speed of the ball can be modified from 200-282 milliseconds.
The steady balance time of the ball can be modified from 5-25 seconds.

If you need to see an instructional video please contact us.

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