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The Caribbean.
The year is 1658.

Captain McGinnis pillaged more gold and riches than his ship could carry. One dark and stormy night, the pirates could be heard heaving their food and belongings overboard to stay afloat, but the Captain’s greed weighed them down and they crashed ashore. Shipwrecked on Barnacle Beach, Captain McGinnis abandoned his vessel to gather materials for repairs. He and his crew will only be gone for a wee while…is it enough time for you to steal the treasure before he returns? Succeed and you will enjoy endless wealth. Fail, and you will find the tip of his sword in your gullet.

Difficulty: Medium
Creepiness: Low
Age Range: 7+

This room has 3 separate areas. Requires a larger footprint than our other rooms. Includes a moving floor! The room includes multiple puzzles, electronic locks, props, and more for a down-to-the-last-minute panic!

Can you escape in time?

This room has a short reset time of 5-7 minutes. Playing time is roughly 60 minutes.


Do everything yourself and save big money. Includes all of the DIY props, storyline, lighting, build instructions, gameplay, speakers, audio player, custom audio and scent. Does not include any scenic. Does not include any built-out props. You will get the electronics and must build your own props. This kit is for the handy person.

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