CO2 Cannon


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CO2 Cannon

This professional DMX compatible CO2 gun creates bursts of thick, quick-dissipating fog right before your eyes!

Comes with a long hose for fast and easy connectivity to your CO2 canister. Equipped with USA standard fittings.

Shoots up to 40 feet!

Comes with wireless remote trigger. Press one button to turn on, and the other to turn off. Short bursts make the best effect.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Safe and easy to use.

CO2 Cannon

A 50 pound canister of CO2 can be purchased from your local hardware store for roughly $50.00. 

You can get approximately 250 short bursts of fog from a canister like this, which is only 20 cents per shot! A fun and affordable effect!


**CO2 tank must either be equipped with a “siphon” or “dip tube” if cylinder is to be placed upright vertically. Otherwise, invert cylinder so liquid CO2 can be drawn out.

Weight 22.6796185 lbs


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