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Roughly 600 miles N.E. of Newfoundland. The year is 1978.

Flight #482 from Amsterdam to Newark was supposed to be another boring red-eye. But hey, who said smuggling was easy? You heard the sound, and instantly knew what happened… engine failure. Not the best time to be trapped in the cargo hold of a Boeing 747. Heck, not the best time to be over the Atlantic in a tin can for that matter. The pilot was able to keep most of the plane intact when he did an emergency water landing but no one has heard from him in awhile. The plane is floating – for now…

This room has realistic decor that emulates the interior of an airplane. The room includes multiple puzzles, electronic locks, props and more for a down-to-the-last-minute panic!

Can you escape in time?

This room has a short reset time of 5-10 minutes, and is handicap friendly. Playing time is roughly 60 minutes. Suitable for all ages, but ages 10+ seem to enjoy more than younger children.


Complete Escape Room Kit:

Everything you need to build your own professional escape room – except the themed walls!

Included are the custom built props, set pieces, gameplay, storyline, reset instructions, clue sheet, 12-volt lighting, custom audio, custom scent. You provide the scenic decor and we provide the rest. For example, if the room needs to look like an airplane, you will make it look like an airplane.

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